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A boy was crushed to death by a parking lot gate he was playing on during a game of chicken in New York.
Yakim McDaniels, 12, had climbed onto the gate as it rose up on Sunday in Brooklyn as part of a challenge with five friends to see who can hang on the longest before jumping.
But the boy apparently got scared when the gate went higher and higher up as a car exited the lot and got his head caught in the gate 20 feet above ground.
Tragedy: Yakim McDaniels, 12, was killed when he got trapped in a parking lot gate in Brooklyn, New York that he was playing on with a group of friends
The gate along Lott Avenue in the Brownsville section of the borough crushed the boy's body at about 4.30pm.
Neighbour Reinaldo Blandon told the New York Daily News: 'He was too high up to let go, he was screaming and screaming and he got caught up on the top of the gate.

'From his head to the back of his shoulders went under, then he stopped yelling.'
The boy's friends ran to his mother, Doris Chase, to ask for help.
Witnesses told the Daily News that she ran out to the lot screaming, 'My baby! My baby!'
'He was too high up': Yakim apparently got scared when the gate (pictured) continued to rise 20 feet off the ground and his head got caught in it
The grief-stricken mother told the New York Post: 'When I got here, he [was] rolled up in the fence. He already looked dead.'
Emergency crews had to cut through the metal of the gate in order to remove his body.
He was pronounced dead at Brookdale Hospital.
The gate has a sensor that automatically begins to lift up when a vehicle approaches.
'My baby!': Yakim's friends ran to his mother, Doris Chase, for help but there was little she could do as she said 'he already looked dead' when she arrived
A property manager told the Daily News that the gate is able to stop descending back down to the ground if a pedestrian is underneath it.
But there isn't a function to prevent the gate from rising if someone jumps on top of it.
Penny Wisneski, president of Reliant Realty, which oversees the property, said: 'It's such a tragedy. It's so heartbreaking.'

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